I coach individuals who are striving for new heights in their career, personal life or both. I truly believe in the inherent potential in each of us but also recognise that we all need support and encouragment to get the best out of ourselves and our dreams. Coaching is a powerful tool to support you in unlocking that. 
Coaching is ultimately about providing you with space needed to make better plans and decisions. I take a person-centred approach believing you to be the best expert in your own life. I coach through a collaborative process in which the you take the lead. Using evidence-based techniques, I will both encourage and challenge you to get clear on the ambitions you have and create a roadmap to that place. 
Sessions are available in person or via Skype & Zoom  

Executive Coaching 

I coach leaders with a vision for themselves, their business and the world they occupy. Being a leader in business today is about more than delivering financial results. Leaders must navigate a corporate landscape which is evolving at a pace faster than we have seen before. They must have the courage to be different and make choices which enable their business and people. With so much information and decisions on their desk daily, each person needs a space to ensure clarity to develop solutions and ideas for the best way forward. Coaching provides this space to reflect and get the best out of themselves, so they can get the best out of their business while providing their teams with the leadership and vision they desire. 
Coaching helps leaders in areas such as: 
Confidential space to discuss challenges and ideas 
Leadership Development 
Communications Coaching 
Wellbeing and Stress Management 

Positive Psychology Coaching 

To get clear on what we want from life, we often need someone to provide a space to discuss our ideas. Positive Psychology coaching combines the best of coaching psychology with evidenced-based positive psychology theory to help individuals really flourish in life. Helping each individual to identify goals in life and work and using their strengths to help them create a roadmap to achieve the life they want to truly flourish. 
Positive Psychology Coaching is suitable for: 
Personal and Professional development 
Life transitions 
Greater self-awareness 
Overcoming confidence issues and limiting beliefs 

"Fiona, as my coach, held the space I needed to achieve my goals. She cuts through the noise and straight to the problem, ending with solutions in each session" 

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